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Are you using encapsulation technology properly?

So, let’s remember that encapsulation is the way a chemistry dries in our application. It is not a method but can be used with all methods like hot water extraction and all forms of low moisture cleaning for carpet and upholstery, with excellent results. May have falsely taught that encaps can be used for any and all machines and be effective, but this is not always true. Here is why. In the picture below you see a carpet filament between my fingers and it is small, very small.

encapsulation technology

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Low Moisture Foam


noun  /  pronounced:  fōm

Definition of FOAM

(Entry 1 of 2)

1: a light frothy mass of fine bubbles formed in or on the surface of a liquid or from a liquid: such as

a: a frothy mass formed in salivating or sweating

b: a stabilized froth produced chemically or mechanically and used especially in fighting oil fires

c: a material in a lightweight cellular form resulting from introduction of gas bubbles during manufacture

Not sure many of these definitions apply to us in carpet cleaning, but do you like your LM products to foam? A little or a lot for some, but is it helpful? I think we have become accustomed to the “look” of the foam reaction as it is generated while we clean, but in reality, it does little more than reflect more light before the bubbles structure collapses, giving us the very momentary look of a brighter carpet. I have been using Radical Rinse for months and love the way it cleans. But since it is a rinse, you get virtually zero foaming. This is good as spots are not disguised under the extra light reflecting off of the bubbles, possibly giving you a false perception of clean. The other day I used Omega Citrus to add some ProFresh scent to a job and boosted it with Radical Rinse and the foam was back. Personally, I like the foam as you just feel you are accomplishing more. It gives you the gratifying perception that you accomplished more then you really did. For as the foam dissipates, so does the extra brightness it lent to the carpet’s appearance. But in reality, it’s better to clean without it as you get real-time feedback to see if your cleaning pass was successful since you have no foam to cover up a potential missed spot.

So, to foam or not to foam? I still like it even though I know better.


I love it when a plan comes together

“I love it when a plan comes together”

What is your business plan? They say readers are leaders. How many business books have you read this year? This may sting a little and it is true in part for me also, but are you a technician or a businessman/woman? We can be great cleaning techs or encapsulation carpet cleaning detergent product designers, but are we great business people? What is the difference?

Techs clean well, business people make money. I just started another book The 1-Page Marketing Plan by Allen Dib. I’m not endorsing it yet, as I have just started it, but I do need to continue to learn about how to market my carpet cleaning products.

My favorite book was Branding 101 by Trump University, mostly written by Donald Sexton. If you’re new and still creating your foundation, your message, and your brand – it is an excellent book. You will walk away excited about your business. I did. Many of the slogans Bonnet Pro uses came from that book.

So, are you a tech or a businessperson? What will YOU do this year to be BOTH???


How’s Your Attitude?

You are likely in many customers’ eyes to only be as good as your last meeting or service. Sure, you will have some very loyal customers that see your value, that you’re an asset to helping them stay clean and look great. And even if you drop the ball a time or two, they still love you. But with other customers, it is like a month to month lease, they won’t hesitate to replace you on a whim, regardless if the reason is reasonable or not. That’s one reason that here at Bonnet Pro we work so hard on our encapsulation detergents – to make you look great to your customers. Whether it’s an odorless encap like Surround Free or Omega Citrus with ProFresh, scent can be a strong reason a customer keeps you. If they love the way it smells after their encapsulation carpet cleaning, they are more likely to keep you. Read more


Is Bonnet Cleaning better than Extraction?

I recently saw this post on Encapsulation World and thought I would address it.

I had a customer call me to come out and re-clean their Carpeting after someone else with a truck mount cleaned them and the customer was not happy. When I was finished, my bonnets were black and the customer was thrilled. I was actually shocked how dirty the carpeting was after steam cleaning.😳
Eco Fresh Carpet Cleaning

I have had many truck mounts and portables, so this isn’t about trashing extraction. Extraction can often remove more soils quicker but it doesn’t always look better. What? If done properly extraction is an excellent tool, but even so, it can use help at times.
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