Surround Free is a Super Concentrated, absolutely odorless encap detergent for carpets

For Cleaning Performance and Safety – Buy SURROUND

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Product Features:

  • Contains AFT – Active Film Technology
  • 100% Zero odor for sensitive or any environment
  • No Crystallizing Polymer Dust
  • Dries clear for brighter carpets
  • T2H Hybrid Polymer Technology
  • Outstanding cleaning power
  • Zinc-based Odor Neutralizers
  • Special antimicrobial keeps mixed solutions fresher longer, saving you money
  • 1 gallon cleans up to 12,800 square feet
  • Clean, bright carpets with quick dry times, thanks to T2H Polymers
  • NO petroleum solvents, VOC’s, butyl or sticky soaps & detergents
  • Encapsulation formula helps prevent wicking and rapid resoiling
  • Use for Bonnet and all LM, extraction pre-spray and upholstery
  • Health rating is a 1
  • pH is 7
  • Freeze thaw stable
  • Proudly Made in the USA

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Our product guarantee is simple. Use the the first full gallon or quart in your case and if you’re not happy, please return the unused remainder for a full product refund.
If you’re not sure if you used the product correctly and would like assistance, please call us. We will be happy to help you. Call 1-877-477-1615 or use our Contact page.

With Surround Free you too can experience the joy of nothing. Nothing to smell, Nothing to get complaints about, Nothing but clean carpets. Surround Free is great for nursing homes, hospitals, schools, residential homes or anywhere that a totally odor-free experience is wanted. Can you imagine not getting complaints from certain customers or employees about the smell. “Well it cleaned pretty good, but that smell” Comments like that will be a thing of the past.

This is a 22-year-old Olefin carpet in a busy warehouse that often has a heavy fork truck crush in the soil. Surround Free did a fantastic job with just a bonnet system. And, remember Surround Free has ZERO odor or scent so you can use it anywhere!

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When you need to have it clean fast and without any irritation, our VOC Free encapsulating detergent effectively cleans sensitive environments. You already know how encaps work. If not, please read Encap 101. Now you’ll see what Free will do for you. First, Surround Free is completely odorless. You could clean a restaurant full of dining patrons and not get one complaint regarding smell. It’s that good.

Fast production rates perfect for commercial carpet maintenance. Deep penetrating cleaning. No weak self-shattering crystalline polymer is used. Instead, we use T2H hybrid, long lasting polymers. No rinsing is required. Reduces wicking and recurring spots. Safe for all types of synthetic carpet fiber and most wools. Non-sticky residue.

SURROUND Free has the following special technical features:

  • Contains our proprietary AFT (Active Film Technology) that makes future cleanings easier and faster. Read more about AFT in the tab above.
  • Powerful Proprietary Encapsulating Detergent Polymers that will emulsify organic phase or oily soils and suspend most particulate soils for easy removal. These detergent polymers will encapsulate the suspended soils and detergents leaving behind a polymer residue. This polymer residue will prevent rapid re-soiling and enhance the efficiency of routine vacuuming, allowing for continued removal of any residual soils after the cleaning process. This reduces the frequency of wet cleaning needed to maintain or preserve the appearance of the carpet face fiber.
  • Proprietary Anti-Soiling Agents that enhance the formation of encapsulating films that provide extended soil resistance after the cleaned area has dried.
  • Surface Tension Modifiers help enhance the efficiency of the cleaning agents leading to increased productivity, spot and soil resistance, and better soil release in subsequent cleanings. These surface tension modifiers are particularly effective in allowing for better removal of the oily or greasy soils found in many commercial environments
  • Free of hazardous air pollutants that can affect indoor air quality.
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Video submitted by a Bonnet Pro customer

Video submitted by a Bonnet Pro customer

Video submitted by a Bonnet Pro customer.