Waste-Away Instructions for Use

Remember, with enzymes – if it dries it dies, so it’s very important to keep the contaminated area wet for as long as possible. How long is that? Depending on the level/amount of contamination it could be 12 hours to 1 or 2 days to allow the enzyme enough time to digest and break down larger amounts of urine. Remember, a large animal can urinate gallons of urine into a carpet. Smaller less offensive spots may be wet out and cleaned on the same visit, but it’s good to be aware of the extra time needed for larger contamination areas.

Upon arrival, use your black light to inspect the area/areas to be serviced. Assuming that hardwood floors (that can cup or warp) are not under the effected area, apply Waste Away undiluted from the container to the affected area allowing enough chemical to be applied, to not only wet out the carpet but the pad under it. We want them saturated. Whatever area you miss will still continue to smell and the total job can fail from a miss of 5% or 10% of the urine affected carpet.

My charge for the service call, inspection and application starts at $150.00. More for larger areas that need more than 1 gallon of product. You can adjust this fee to suit your needs.

Tell the customer you will return in two days to complete the cleaning at an additional cost, or of course, you can add them into one invoice. When you return you will need to decide if any replacement of pad or tackles strip needs to be performed or if the floor needs to be sealed in extreme damage cases. The top of the carpet will need to be washed and rinsed. At this point you can begin to determine the success of your treatment. If you still smell urine you will need to determine if you completed the steps on the first visit correctly, if a new area in the home has been urinated on since you left causing the smell, or if a topical application of Surround ProFresh is needed.

While Waste Away can be effective on light urine stains, older or larger stains may require the use of Revive iT Oxy Spotter which contains peroxide. Again, even with the peroxide, 1 or 2 treatments (of oxy to remove the stainmay be needed, but in many cases, if needed at all 1 will work. This process can also be used on urine damaged mattresses and wet cleanable upholstery.

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