What do you do with that problem cleaning environment?

Often the scent of a cleaning product brings joy or pain to the carpet cleaner. Cleaning in a populated environment only compounds the issue. People are not shy if they don’t like a scent and will make a face or even scold you for being [...]

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Are you using encapsulation technology properly?

So, let’s remember that encapsulation is the way a chemistry dries in our application. It is not a method but can be used with all methods like hot water extraction and all forms of low moisture cleaning for carpet and upholstery, [...]

Is Bonnet Cleaning better than Extraction?

I recently saw this post on Encapsulation World and thought I would address it. I had a customer call me to come out and re-clean their Carpeting after someone else with a truck mount cleaned them and the customer was not happy. When I [...]

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How Do Carpet Protectors Work?

What are Fluoro Chemical Protectors and how they work Written by:  Dr. Aziz, PHD Chemist The major soiling problems that occur with textiles are 1) staining and the reappearance of stains after cleaning, 2) the accumulation of dry, oily soil, and [...]

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