ProFresh Professional Carpet Deodorizer

The last carpet deodorizer you will ever need.


Our product guarantee is simple. Use the the first full gallon or quart in your case and if you’re not happy, please return the unused remainder for a full product refund.
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ProFresh contains, in part, concentrated zinc salts, that readily micro-emulsify in water to produce a concentrated odor counteractant and true odor absorber, not an odor mask. ProFresh chemically alters volatile odors rendering them undetectable, i.e., non-volatile so that they do not reach the olfactory nerve and therefore cannot be smelled. ProFresh effectively neutralizes smelly short chain carboxylic acids, mercaptans, thioethers and amines (including hydrogen sulfide and ammonia). Your pH is 6.5 to 7.5 depending upon dilution and ProFresh is self encapsulating. This product eliminates tacky residues that attract soil. Ideal for carpet and upholstery applications.

ProFresh professional carpet deodorizer contains 3.3x the ‘Fresh’ found in Surround Ultra. In other words you get the same great fragrance in a more concentrated form. You also get 5x the ‘Pro’ – our unique T-71 formula.This is the ingredient blend that removes the odors again making ProFresh a more concentrated and powerful version of the popular formula found in Surround Ultra.

You may add to encapsulant detergents, hot water extraction pretreats or stock solutions, spray and mist to freshen carpet or fabrics or just about anywhere you have an odor problem.[/column]

Some fun facts:

MERCAPTANS have disagreeable odors and can be found in crude oil. Methyl mercaptans is produced as a decay product of animal and vegetable matter. Allyl mercaptans is released when an onion is cut. T-butyl mercaptans blends are often added to odorless natural gas to serve as a warning of a gas leak.

THIOETHERS such as alkyl and aromatic thioethers are commonly called “sulfides”. Generally thioethers are a clear and volatile organic compounds with a disagreeable odor with a very distinct scent.

AMINES are organic compounds that contain nitrogen. Amines are basic compounds with strong odors often described as fishy.

HYDROGEN SULFIDE is an extremely hazardous, toxic compound. It is a colorless, flammable gas that can be identified in relatively low concentrations, by a characteristic rotten egg odor. The gas occurs naturally in coal pits, sulfur springs, gas wells, and as a product of decaying sulfur-containing organic matter, particularly under low oxygen conditions. It is therefore commonly encountered in places such as sewers, sewage treatment plants (H2S is often called sewer gas), manure stockpiles, mines, hot springs, and the holds of fishing ships.

AMMONIA is a chemical compound of nitrogen and hydrogen. It is a colorless pungent odor. Ammonia is also used for cleaning and found in urine and cat urine. A cat’s urine has that super strong odor also because of protein contained in it. When cat urine dries on the carpet it forms crystals and those crystals are the source of a serious cat urine odor.

NOTE: For sever cat urine pad removal and floor and tackles strip sealing may be required. Surround Bright all may be used first followed by Surround ProFresh when dry along with hot water extraction techniques to wash out accumulated urine.

ProFresh is not a sanitizer, disinfectant or antimicrobial. For water damage, crime scene or other harmful situations please incorporate the proper cleaning and disinfecting or sanitizing methods prior to order control.