ProFresh Professional Carpet Deodorizer

The last multi-purpose carpet deodorizer you will ever need.

ProFresh contains, in part, concentrated zinc salts, that readily micro-emulsify in water to produce a concentrated odor counteractant and true odor absorber, not an odor mask. ProFresh chemically alters volatile odors rendering them undetectable, i.e., non-volatile so that they do not reach the olfactory nerve and therefore cannot be smelled.


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Surround ProFresh uses concentrated zinc salt dispersion with anti-resoil ingredients that readily dilute in water.

Use as a Stand-Alone Soft Surface Odor Control Agent, or as an additive in Carpet and Upholstery cleaning formulations or mix 1 to 1 for difficult urine odor control problems.

ProFresh is effective in liquid applications, spray, fogging or mist applications. Naturally renewable odor neutralizer that traps and absorbs odors not a masking agent

ProFresh effectively fixates a wide range of odorous compounds and binds with organic waste and decomposition odors and captures odors associated with humans, animals, food, chemical processes and smoke. ProFresh is also effective against smelly acids, amines, mercaptans and thioethers, including hydrogen sulfide and ammonia and urine odors.

• Carpet
• Upholstery
• Automotive, RV and boat
• Apparel fabrics
• Textile mill applications to name a few

Technical Information:  Surround ProFresh is an optimized Odor Control Agent for use on Carpeting and Upholstered surfaces. Containing stain and resoil resistant ingredients, ProFresh contains a stabilized liquid zinc salt dispersion that readily dilutes in water. ProFresh is an odor neutralizer…not an antimicrobial or chemical masking agent. More effective than related copper and magnesium salts of the same valence, Surround ProFresh zinc salt forms unique fixating complexes that trap and absorb odor causing substances, and remain stable even if the treated substrate dries. Surround ProFresh is formulated with soil and stain resist agents that prevent sticky and tacky residues that attract soil on carpeting and upholstery.

Effective Odor Neutralization:  The mechanism for odor fixation by Surround ProFresh is complicated, being a combination of adsorption, complex formation, and in some instances a chemical formation such as mercaptans to mercaptides. More effective than related copper and magnesium salts of the same valence, and related organic acids of the same carbon number, ProFresh zinc salt forms unique fixating complexes specific to the odor causing substances that cause intensive odor with low odor thresholds such as low molecular weight organic acids, amines, mercaptans, dialkyl sulfides, dialkyl disulfides, NH3, H2S and SO2. Surround ProFresh traps, absorbs, and fixes odor-intensive organic substances. Substances with low odor thresholds with sulfur- such as thiols and thioethers, or nitrogen-containing functional groups such as ammonia and dimethylamine, low molecular weight carboxylic acids such as isovaleric acid and hexenoic acid are effectively neutralized by ProFresh. Odorous food and animal decomposition products such as putrescine and cadaverine, and industrial by-products such as hydrogen sulfide and sulfur dioxide and others are effectively controlled by Surround ProFresh.

Surround ProFresh is your best choice for light to strong odors and can be mixed to the need from and ounce or to per gallon to freshen cleaning solutions or misting into the air to freshen a stale room to a 1 to 1 mixture for the worst urine contamination jobs.

ProFresh smells fantastic and is extremely versatile in its ability to be diluted for various tasks.

Some fun facts:

MERCAPTANS have disagreeable odors and can be found in crude oil. Methyl mercaptans is produced as a decay product of animal and vegetable matter. Allyl mercaptans is released when an onion is cut. T-butyl mercaptans blends are often added to odorless natural gas to serve as a warning of a gas leak.

THIOETHERS such as alkyl and aromatic thioethers are commonly called “sulfides”. Generally thioethers are a clear and volatile organic compounds with a disagreeable odor with a very distinct scent.

AMINES are organic compounds that contain nitrogen. Amines are basic compounds with strong odors often described as fishy.

HYDROGEN SULFIDE is an extremely hazardous, toxic compound. It is a colorless, flammable gas that can be identified in relatively low concentrations, by a characteristic rotten egg odor. The gas occurs naturally in coal pits, sulfur springs, gas wells, and as a product of decaying sulfur-containing organic matter, particularly under low oxygen conditions. It is therefore commonly encountered in places such as sewers, sewage treatment plants (H2S is often called sewer gas), manure stockpiles, mines, hot springs, and the holds of fishing ships.

AMMONIA is a chemical compound of nitrogen and hydrogen. It is a colorless pungent odor. Ammonia is also used for cleaning and found in urine and cat urine. A cat’s urine has that super strong odor also because of protein contained in it. When cat urine dries on the carpet it forms crystals and those crystals are the source of a serious cat urine odor.

ProFresh is not a sanitizer, disinfectant or antimicrobial. For water damage, crime scene or other harmful situations please incorporate the proper cleaning and disinfecting or sanitizing methods prior to order control.