How is your company message? Can you describe yourself in one simple sentence to grab their attention? This is a great example: BMW The Ultimate Driving Machine. You may or may not like the product but the brand message is very clear and easily tells you what they do. If you confuse them you will lose them. The same could be said about content under the headline should they even notice and read your headline. Is it a laundry list of machine or chemical specs? That will bore them. Is it telling how great your company is? They have heard it all before. What then? Creating great marketing content means you must know your customer and their needs. These needs could be different for a customer renting an apartment or a nursing home to a high-end celebrity-type home. Once you understand your customers’ needs and you have selected your target market, then you can write copy that directly speaks to their needs. In other words, find the pain and then offer a solution to the problem. The renter wants a cheap cleaning to satisfy their rental agreement. The nursing home may have odor issues and a staff that’s unable to address more difficult challenges, so they need an expert to help them pass state inspections and keep residents and family happy. The upscale property also needs an expert to care for their very expensive items and provide the ultimate cleanliness to show off when they have guests.

Your ad copy should bring out emotion in the prospective customer. Simple changes in content can greatly change the perception in your customer’s mind. Which of these three words triggers an emotional response? Animal, fish, shark. So, the words and phrases you use are important, very important. What motivates human behavior? Love, fear, greed, pride, guilt. You get the picture. Now how do you incorporate these emotions into your ad copy to stimulate the reader into wanting/needing to know more about how you can solve their problem. Cleaning is your service but solving human needs is your mission and key to great advertising content.

This is an example I recently used. This was the before ad copy:

nanoMAXX combines Quantum Physics with carpet cleaning
This breakthrough changes everything
Green is now powerful.

Not bad but it could be better. This is what it was changed to:

Amazing New Discovery in Quantum Physics unleashes a new superior cleaning agent made almost entirely from edible plants
This discovery changes everything
GREEN is now Powerful!

So, a few word changes in this nanoMAXX headline made an ok title an exciting and interesting one. Remember, your title is the ad for your ad and if it’s lifeless, your ad won’t get read and your phone will not ring. At least not the way you want it to.

Written by John Klucznik,
Founder of Key Floor care & Restoration
Bonnet Pro, Encapsulation World & nanoMAXX