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Bonnet Pro is a janitorial equipment supplier, providing professional carpet cleaning encap products, protectors and premium bonnets and fiber pads for low moisture cleaning. We also have an extensive library of videos and educational articles to help you grow your cleaning business while providing the best possible experience for your customer.

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Bonnets Pro’s number 1 goal is to provide education-based answers to our customers’ carpet cleaning challenges. We strive to provide not only educational resources, but excellent products and customer service. Low moisture carpet cleaning has become an exploding resource tool for encapsulation carpet cleaners, yielding outstanding encap cleaning while increasing carpet care incomes for the experienced LM carpet cleaner. Bonnet Pro’s MiniMax sets new standards for encapsulation carpet cleaning equipment with its higher cleaning speeds and lighter weight. Whether you need an odorless encapsulation detergent for sensitive or populated areas, an enzymatic encapsulation detergent for greasy food spills or an oxy encapsulation detergent for organic stains like coffee and urine, Bonnet Pro designs and manufactures the best encapsulation products – with decades of field-based cleaning experience – to help you succeed!

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