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Bonnets Pro’s number 1 goal is to provide education-based answers to our customers’ carpet cleaning challenges. We strive to provide not only educational resources, but excellent carpet cleaning products and customer service. Low moisture carpet cleaning has become an exploding resource tool for encapsulation carpet cleaners, yielding outstanding encap cleaning while increasing carpet care incomes for the experienced LM carpet cleaner. Looking for GREEN encapsulation carpet cleaning products? Bonnet Pro sets the standard in Green Cleaning Technology with nanoMAXX and nanoSPOTMAXX. Whether you need an encap with built-in odor neutralizers or an odorless encapsulation detergent for sensitive or populated areas, an enzymatic encapsulation detergent for greasy food spills or an oxy encapsulation detergent for organic stains like coffee and urine, Bonnet Pro designs and manufactures world class carpet cleaning encap products – with decades of field-based cleaning experience – to help you succeed! We are your best encapsulation cleaner supplier!

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Our new superior, dustless encapsulation products yield Zero Crystallizing Dust – Zero Crunchy Carpets – Zero Worries!

Your products are insane, took my business to a next level. Thank you! Seen all over Cleaners Connect on Facebook. We see your products used in Chandler Thompson and Courtney Lee videos. Since experiencing the products for myself, I don’t see any competition. My customers also love the citrus smell from Rocket, and I’m about to try/ordered the Surround Spotter as a reviewer left, for filtration lines and up-sell that. Hope y’all stay busy and blessed.

Elvis Bartha, Dream Steemers, LLC

I think your encaps definitely distinguish themselves from everything else in the market. With extraction pre-sprays, I’ve found there is so much out there it’s hard to choose. With so much in the market to choose from, yours incorporates AFT and nano technology and other unique features – it stands apart from the competition.

Chris Stemczynski, Your Content Goes Here

I have been using encapsulation cleaning for about 5 years now. I’ve tried most encap cleaners on the market. There is no other product out there right now that compares to Surround Ultra. It has been by far superior to any other encap cleaner.

John at Bonnet Pro is very easy to deal with. He is very caring and efficient at what he does. As a small business owner, I try to mirror my company like John runs his. Great Product, Great Service, Great Company.

Marcos H. Goncalves, President of Super Steamers

We are now into our fifth year distributing Surround in Australia and I can honestly say that in all that time John has been nothing but incredibly supportive to make the difficult task of getting product to us down under as smooth and efficient as possible.

When you are shipping goods half way round the world things can and do go wrong in that transport chain. However, nothing is a problem as long as it is handled well and John has resolved any problem we have had absolutely impeccably.

Anyone considering a Surround distributorship can be assured of absolute honesty, integrity and total commitment in any dealings you may have with him. You will be in safe hands.

Leo Powell, Australian Carpet Cleaning Institute
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