When image and reputation are important to you,
you owe it to yourself to buy Guardian Carpet Protector and Fortifier.

Guardian carpet protector

New Product Features:

  • The performance of a solvent-based product without the odor or cost
  • Water-based protector, safe for most carpet and upholstery
  • Meets all current VOC regulations
  • Technology (meets the goal of the US EPA 2010/2015 PFOA Stewardship Program)
  • Best-in-Class performance meets or exceeds current industry soil and stain protection offerings
  • Treated surfaces are easier to clean and stay cleaner noticeably longer
  • ProFresh scent smells fantastic!
  • Will not damage spray equipment or rubber like solvent-based protectors
  • May be applied to a wet or dry carpet
  • With proper maintenance can help extent the life of the carpet or fabric
  • Does not contain silicone yet provides excellent beading properties
  • Health rating 1
  • PH of 5-6
  • Not freeze thaw stable
  • Proudly made in the USA

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I did a trial with Guardian on one of my commercial contracts. It’s a 300 sq meter very busy family restaurant that gets trashed 7 days a week so we have to clean it weekly. After using Guardian the carpet not only looks brilliant even after the busiest nights but it cleans faster, easier and more efficiently than ever before. Every spot and stain just pops out with Surround… Brilliant! The owner is ecstatic and he thinks we are legends.

“I have used most of the recognized brands of fluorochemical products in my 30+ years in the industry, but Guardian is without doubt the best I have used. For value and great performance, you won’t beat it.

Leo Powell, CEO,
Australian Carpet Cleaning Institute

Schaper’s has been using Surround products on our showroom carpet, with multiple encapsulation machines for three (3) years. We have found that Bonnet Pro’s Surround Ultra and Guardian Protector have kept our carpets looking better than ever. Guardian has kept us from cleaning our carpets for over two and half (2-1/2) months. Even when we used HWE the carpet would re soil rapidly, sometimes within days. With Bonnet Pro’s desire to produce the best encapsulation products, we highly endorse these products.

Eric Schaper, President
Schaper’s Supply


Our product guarantee is simple. Use the the first full gallon or quart in your case and if you’re not happy, please return the unused remainder for a full product refund.
If you’re not sure if you used the product correctly and would like assistance, please call us. We will be happy to help you. Call 1-877-477-1615 or use our Contact page.

All carpet protectors are the same, right?

Wrong. They will vary depending upon raw ingredients, formulas and percentages of solids. Guardian, just like all Surround products, is made to the highest standards and yield a very high level of performance for you and your customer.

So What’s My Profit?

If you charge 10 cents per foot, your ROI is very high at 360%. Plus, it comes scented with ProFresh. Mix 1:1 for 1600 s.f. of coverage per gallon of concentrate. 6400 s.f. per case X 10 cents = $640 dollars, a $465 dollar profit for about an hour’s work.

guardian-lobbyGuardian Carpet Protector and Fortifier gives you exceptional oil and water repellency.

Guardian’s qualities keep oil and water-based liquid spills from soaking into the carpet and wetting the fibers. This makes spills easier to get before they drop down into the backing. This also provides a great benefit with dry abrasive soils that scratch and damage the carpet as they are more efficiently released during routine vacuuming.

Guardian meets all VOC regulations and comes scented with ProFresh.

When Guardian lowers the surface energy of the carpet or fabric, Guardian creates a barrier and makes the material much harder to wet. This process, simply put, also prevents wicking. You will also notice that when maintenance cleaning or extraction cleaning time comes around, your job will be much easier when using our carpet protector.

Your average cost per foot is about 2.6 cents per foot on wet carpet. Your return on investment is outstanding.