When was the last time you increased your PRICE?

So, when was the last time you increased your service prices? Your cost to run your company goes up – your insurance, vehicle costs, equipment and supply costs and so on. The question might not be should you but how should you increase your prices. [...]

You’re the Professional, What Do You Think?

Today I cleaned a home of a wealthy businessman whose company makes the displays and shelving for many upscale supermarkets. I also service the factory location that has very nice office carpets and the associated office environment. So, when I was at the home [...]

When is it Time to Search for a New Direction?

Just last week, after 35 years, I gave up/quit a job I have done 1 time per week since I started my business. I estimate about 1900 invoices to this one account. So why would you give up a paying account? For me it [...]

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When cleaning causes carpets to ripple after they are cleaned

So, when you assess your cleaning job, especially in a residential non glue-down installation, you need to determine the quality of the installation of the floor covering/carpeting. In today’s ‘build’em quick environment’ many building contractors do not request that the carpets are properly installed. [...]

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What do you charge for your carpet cleaning services?

What does your company need to earn per hour to be profitable? Most people don't look at it that way. When I go out, I need to make $150 -$250 per hour for carpet cleaning. This is your goal. The cost per room or [...]

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