Multii Brush System Ironman carpet bonnet

Multii Brush System

Multi-Use Scrubbing & Absorbing Tool

Multii Brush System Ironman carpet bonnet
carpet brush and bonnet system

Fits most rotary floor machines. If your current pad drive looks like this, the Multii Brush should fit. Will not fit OP machines.

Multii Brush System – $239
Includes Multii Brush, 5 Revive pads, 5 Ironman ProCotton double thick bonnets,
clutch plate, 1 1/4 riser to fit most rotary machines.


Multii Brush Insert Replacements
Case of 5 –14″ pad inserts – $20


Ironman ProCotton Double Thick Bonnets
Case of 5 –14″ Bonnet Inserts – $117


Multii Brush Product Features

  • Fits most 17″ rotary machines
  • Allows to you get three steps of cleaning with just one pass!
  • Allows you to do a more effective, two step process when needed
  • Provides a pile lifting affect
  • Includes two risers to fit most rotary machines
  • Includes clutch plate
  • Comes with 5 Double Thick ProCotton bonnets and 5 Revive Encapsulation Pads
  • Improve any rotary’s cleaning performance
  • Faster cleaning cycles with low moisture and fast dry times
  • Everything is included with your order. Just supply the machine and cleaning solution
  • best brush and bonnet system
  • best brush and bonnet system
  • Multii Brush System bonnet cleaning product
  • Multii Brush System bonnet cleaning product
  • Multii Brush System bonnet cleaning product
  • Multii Brush brush and bonnet system
  • carpet bonnet cleaning product

This carpet was in a parts measuring room in a machine shop. It is over 40 years old and has been never cleaned and rarely vacuumed. I used Surround Ultra and the Multii Brush System. Very respectable results using a low moisture method some say only moves dirt around. Multii Brush System did move it – from the neglected carpet to the drain in the washing machine.

Super Sample Pack
Encapsulation Cleaners World
Super Sample Pack

Encapsulation Cleaners World

Multii Brush System For Your Sustainable Low Moisture Carpet Care

Multii Brush System – For Your Sustainable Low Moisture Carpet Care

The Multii Brush pad drive with over 9,000 scrubbing bristles replaces your current pad drive. Then, just choose one of three special inserts depending on your needs. This interchangeable system allows you to deep scrub and restore commercial and residential length carpet. For moderate to heavy soil loads and faster cleaning times, remove the Revive Encapsulation Pad and replace it with a ProCotton Bonnet to allow you to scrub with over 9,000 bristles in our outer scrub rings and absorb at the same time! You accomplish three cleaning processes with only one step – scrubbing, absorbing and encapsulating. For heavier cleaning, combine Revive Encapsulation Pads with our 3 rows of scrub rings that use thousands of bristles, this not only gives you excellent fiber contact, the bristles scrub deep while the Revive Pads provide excellent surface and medium depth agitation with a shearing action. You’ll love the way it feels and opens the carpet’s nap. To finish the two step deep scrub simply remove the Revive Encapsulation Pad and replace it with a ProCotton Bonnet to absorb out all that loosened soil.

After you’re done, the encapsulation takes over, collecting the smaller and nano-sized particles in its unique T2H polymers, for an unbeatable clean with very fast dry times. It’s fast, effective and even green because it uses so little water, and that means much faster dry times.

Use Bonnet Pro’s full line of encapsulating carpet care products, protectants, and spot and stain removers to accomplish amazing results with your current rotary machine.

  • carpet bonnet cleaning product
  • carpet bonnet cleaning product

Surround OMEGA Citrus – A powerful carpet encapsulation detergent

Surround OMEGA Citrus is a high-powered carpet encapsulation detergent formulated for your most difficult carpet cleaning challenges, like apartments and greasy restaurants that you may have previously struggled to clean. Just because Surround OMEGA can clean the tough stuff, don’t think for a moment that it’s not your “go to” product for residential encapsulation carpet cleaning. It will also clean there exceedingly well, and with the customer-pleasing ProFresh scent with Citrus, your residential customers will be very pleased that they called you.

Using Bonnet Pro’s exclusive T2H polymers and our signature ProFresh scent, you and your customers will be glad you chose Surround OMEGA Citrus. OMEGA can be used for low moisture carpet cleaning due to its encapsulation properties from our T2H polymers. Plus, OMEGA makes a great pre-spray for hot water extraction. Regardless of your method, OMEGA Citrus will help you power through the tough greasy jobs like restaurants and apartment cleaning while saving you money by using low dilutions. Only 2-4 oz. will clean most maintenance type jobs and up to 8 oz. for more difficult challenges.  With this neutral pH encapsulation detergent you never have to worry about the rugs you clean. Even natural fibers can be cleaned, however pretesting is always recommended on all natural fibers. Old school chemistries needed a high pH, not so with our new modern formulas in OMEGA.

Most encap cleaners with Surround OMEGA Citrus’s cleaning ability have a health rating of 2, but OMEGA has a health rating of only 1.

So, if you’re looking to save time with a safer, better smelling high-power encap cleaner, with a carpet safe pH of only 6.5 to 7.5, plus our exclusive ProFresh scent make this great smelling encapsulation detergent a must! Plus very friendly, money-saving dilution-mix, then look no further.

ProFresh fragrance contains the crisp scent of effervescent ozone and white florals that combine naturally bright accents of eucalyptus, spearmint, and lime and now with added citrus to provide a sense of outdoor freshness that stimulates your senses.

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