Grout Shock

Heavy Duty Acidic Tile & Grout Cleaner

Grout Shock Acidic Tile & Grout Cleaner

Case – $149   $7 Ship


Gallon – $38


Heavy duty acidic tile and grout cleaner that smells fantastic!

With a pH of 1, Grout Shock is an extremely effective acidic tile and grout cleaner, using a phosphoric acid-based formula plus two additional solvents to clean grout when alkaline cleaners fail to produce the desired results. It removes embedded soils with ease. Use as a second step after your alkaline-based product when needed.

Grout Shock will dig into the grout much deeper and help remove stains, discolorations and other hard-to-remove soils, helping to restore the brand-new look of your floor.

Even if you got a good result from your alkaline cleaner, Grout Shock can still brighten and even out the overall appearance, providing you with a better end result and a more satisfied customer.

If used as a second step – after the Alkaline cleaner has been neutralized and rinsed from the floor, force dry the floor with a fan for twenty minutes, then apply Grout Shock, let dwell and rinse with Radical Rinse to neutralize.

  • Cleans heavily soiled tile and grout with a special powerful acid and solvent formula
  • Makes grouts color more even and brighter after alkaline cleanings
  • Improves overall appearance
  • pH of 1
  • Pleasant fragrance – Almond Cookies

Grout Shock is a great tool to have for the more difficult grout cleaning challenges. Make your job easier with Grout Shock. We have also eliminated the strong acid smell associated with these types of products. Your customer will be SHOCKED with how clean you got their floor.

Compare with Viper Renew at $42.00 per gallon

Mix 1 gallon of product to 1 gallon of water. Grout Shock is $38.00 per gallon and only needs 20oz. per gallon, not 128oz. like Viper Renew — and ours smells good.

No more strong, acidic, offensive smells for you or your customers.

GROUT SHOCK acidic tile and grout cleaner smells better, is much more economical and really gets the job done!

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