Some heavier OP machines and or drives that have had the tips broken in on cement due to manufacturer’s recommendations, may benefit with the use of a glide between the bonnet and carpet. IronMan may not be suitable for all OP machines. Due to the aggressive nature of OP machines and their different orbit sizes, weights and pad drives, some will more quickly wear our bonnets. We suggest washing and drying your bonnets before the first use as this will tighten the loops and help prevent premature wear. Do not over use the bonnet, meaning when it’s dirty, change it, do not continue to run the bonnet grinding in the soils. Make sure the carpet/bonnet is properly lubricated with a good cleaner and enough solution on the carpet to protect the carpet and the bonnet. We have OP users that claim many uses under their OP machine and others that have problems within the first few uses. The pre-wash should help, but Bonnet Pro will not be liable for premature bonnet wear as we cannot control the variables. IronMan runs for dozens of uses under rotary machines without issue, so we have to conclude that some OP machines can create a premature wear issue.

This OP user has had a great experience under his OP machine, but some others have not. We are still accumulating data on the reasons why.

From: Joe Standaert
Subject: Iron Man Pad Orbot Compatibility

Message :
Hi John. I thought I would let you know that the Iron Man Pads are working great under my 2012 Orbot Sprayborg. I was worried about a dramatic increase in vibration, but after cleaning 21 vacant apartments with frieze style carpet and several thousand sq. ft. of CGD those notions were put to rest. In my experience the increase in vibration is negligible. These pads are as advertised! They clean better and faster than the pads I was using(Glads & Microfiber Striped) Yes, I do notice more “drag”, but that is a good thing. Iron Man Pads are my new pads of choice for both residential and commercial. I must mention that my Orbot is bone stock from the factory as it was built. No modifications in regards to weight or pad driver have been made.