All in One rolling organizer for carpet cleaning products

All-in-One Professional Spotting Kit

The One Trip Professional Spotting Kit!

The All-In-One Professional Spotting Kit is the most versatile rolling professional carpet spotting kit in the market. While other companies place their spotters in a cheap lunch bag type container, Bonnet Pro uses lockable (spotter section only) rolling three container workshops that separate into smaller satellite boxes when needed. This rolling organizer for your carpet cleaning products saves you time and makes you look very professional.

Get the only spotting kit for professionals available that let you take everything you need onto your job site in one easy trip. Stop wasting time going back and forth to the van. With the All-In-One Professional Spotting Kit, you not only make just one trip, but you also look professional doing it.

All-in-One Kit – $215.00

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The All-in-One Kit Compartments

The top kit contains Bonnet Pro’s specialty spotting kit, holding a pint each of Bye Bye Red Dye, Gum Grease & Ink Remover, Rust Stain Lifter, P.O.G., and Waste-Away Urine, Stain & Odor Remover under our OMEGA brand, so you know these products work great! The kit also contains 2 spotting brushes. A horsehair brush, safe for most carpet or upholstery materials, and a stiffer nylon brush for synthetic carpets, and 2 white micro-fiber spotting towels in a custom foam holding tray. It also has a cutout to hold all of your Motor Scrubber brushes, pad drive, or pads. (Not included)

The center section is great for extra spray tips, tools, pH paper, gloves, and all the little stuff you need right at your fingertips. Contents contained are not included.

The large bottom section holds 2-gallon jugs plus two full sizes of quart spotters so you can carry all of your cleaning chemicals into the building for larger jobs, or fill it with your iron and extension cord for red stain removal, and/or bonnets. Either way, you have plenty of extra space to use it as you need. Contents contained are not included.

All in One professional carpet spotting kit

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