Carpet Bonnets • Multii Brush System Encap Pads

ProCotton Ironman Carpet Bonnets

ProCotton Ironman
Carpet Bonnets

Sizes – 8″ 13″ 14″ 15″ 17″ 19″ 21″

Multii Brush System Scrubbing & Absorbing Tool for LM Cleaning

Multii Brush System
Scrubbing & Absorbing
Tool for LM Cleaning

Revive encapsulation cleaning pads

Revive & Revive Plus
Encap Pads
Sizes – 8″ to 21″

Bonnet Wash for Carpet Bonnets

Bonnet Wash
For the freshest,
cleanest bonnets

Carpet Bonnets are Critical for Your Low Moisture and Carpet Encapsulation

While some methods rely 100% on the encap to remove soil, carpet bonnets not only scrub, but absorb and remove soils, helping your encap work much more effectively by reducing the soil load. This contributes to a cleaner indoor environment!

Encap Alone is Not Enough

Dr. Michael Berry, former EPA Senior Manager and scientist, says in the April 2016 Journal of Cleaning, Restoration & Inspection, pages 11 and 13:
“Use effective, appropriate equipment that pulls out and captures pollutants and residues.”

“We have cleaned for appearance and failed to consider health implications altogether. This approach has led to an illusion of what is healthy.”

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