Bonnet Cleaning


Is Bonnet Cleaning better than Extraction?

I recently saw this post on Encapsulation World and thought I would address it.

I had a customer call me to come out and re-clean their Carpeting after someone else with a truck mount cleaned them and the customer was not happy. When I was finished, my bonnets were black and the customer was thrilled. I was actually shocked how dirty the carpeting was after steam cleaning.😳
Eco Fresh Carpet Cleaning

I have had many truck mounts and portables, so this isn’t about trashing extraction. Extraction can often remove more soils quicker but it doesn’t always look better. What? If done properly extraction is an excellent tool, but even so, it can use help at times.
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Bonnet Cleaning Procedure

Assuming you have all methods at your fingertips, why are you choosing Bonnet Cleaning for any given job?

The reasons might be because it is the most profitable for a given job while providing high customer satisfaction. Or, access in a larger property that may have wings locked down such as in an Alzheimer’s unit or for other security reasons. Or, that a portable might just be too slow in that particular job. Dry times or the extra agitation that the rotary provides may be needed to get the desired results. Read more