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What Shape are Your Bonnets in?

Synthetic bonnets will wear at a different rate and also clean differently, so as for this discussion, we will be taking a look at bonnets that contain or are made with natural fibers, in this case cotton. When you wash and dry your cloths at home, many made of cotton like tee shirts and blue jeans, you will notice that after they are dried you have to clean out the dryer’s lint trap. Your cotton bonnets will also wear and lose material over time.

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What do you charge for your carpet cleaning services?

What does your company need to earn per hour to be profitable? Most people don’t look at it that way.

When I go out, I need to make $150 -$250 per hour for carpet cleaning. This is your goal. The cost per room or per foot is only a piece of the puzzle to get you to your hourly goal. The other piece of the puzzle is your production rate. How many feet per hour can I clean? How many feet per hour at this job site can I clean? Moving furniture, double methods, protector – how many steps will be needed to meet the customers expectations and be profitable for the business owner? When you use the hourly amount as a foundation it starts to answer the other questions. Don’t price it per room – give them the cost of the total service.  I give job totals when I price. This job will cost you $225.00 and these are the steps I will accomplish on the job. For example: Pre-vac, vac edges and corners and so on.

Don’t play the game everybody else plays. Play by your rules and set your prices. Be different, be better and stand out from the crowd.  I don’t price over the phone. I set up on-site free consultations and clean the job that day once approved. Lawyers, doctors and other professionals give consultations. You’re a professional, right? Professionals charge more and provide a higher level of service and therefore earn a higher income.

John Klucznik
Founder of Bonnet Pro and Key Floor Care


What is a Hydrocarbon?

A hydrocarbon is an organic chemical compound composed exclusively of hydrogen and carbon atoms. Hydrocarbons occur naturally and form the basis of crude oil, natural gas, coal, and other important energy sources.

Hydrocarbons are highly combustible, producing carbon dioxide, water, and heat when burnt. Therefore, they are highly effective and sought after as a source of fuel. Refined petroleum has been used to produce a myriad of derivative materials that play critical roles in the world economy, such as plastics, solvents, and lubricants. Read more


What is Colloidal Chemistry and how can it help me clean better?

Basically, colloidal chemistry is the science which converts elements into particles, so minute, that living plant cells can utilize them as an energy source, living cells emit electro-magnetic waves and the more waves the healthier the cell. These waves, the result of the phenomenon of electro-magnetic emission, are referred to as biophotons, making nanoMAXX safe for plants, so it can be used in pressure washing and outdoor cleaning activities such as homes, glass and even many car wheels.

The heart of this new chemistry is the technology used to create a “colloidal micelle.” This micelle is about the size of 10-20 hydrogen atoms, or one nanometer. Sub-microscopic particles are created in a microscopic field similar to a magnetic field. This chemistry has made possible the development and emergence of a variety of organic products, and is one of the 21st Century’s most promising advances in environmental and cleaning sciences. Read more


Is Your Message Getting Noticed?

How is your company message? Can you describe yourself in one simple sentence to grab their attention? This is a great example: BMW The Ultimate Driving Machine. You may or may not like the product but the brand message is very clear and easily tells you what they do. If you confuse them you will lose them. The same could be said about content under the headline should they even notice and read your headline. Is it a laundry list of machine or chemical specs? That will bore them. Is it telling how great your company is? They have heard it all before. What then? Creating great marketing content means you must know your customer and their needs. These needs could be different for a customer renting an apartment or a nursing home to a high-end celebrity-type home. Once you understand your customers’ needs and you have selected your target market, then you can write copy that directly speaks to their needs. In other words, find the pain and then offer a solution to the problem. The renter wants a cheap cleaning to satisfy their rental agreement. The nursing home may have odor issues and a staff that’s unable to address more difficult challenges, so they need an expert to help them pass state inspections and keep residents and family happy. The upscale property also needs an expert to care for their very expensive items and provide the ultimate cleanliness to show off when they have guests. Read more