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2407, 2023

Can you really clean a filthy restaurant with just Bonnet Cleaning?

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In the past, with a job this heavily soiled, your first thought would lead you to think of [...]

1304, 2022

When was the last time you increased your PRICE?

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So, when was the last time you increased your service prices? Your cost to run your company goes up – your insurance, vehicle costs, equipment [...]

2207, 2021

You’re the Professional, What Do You Think?

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Today I cleaned a home of a wealthy businessman whose company makes the displays and shelving for many upscale supermarkets. I also service the [...]

3103, 2021

Are you pushing the boundaries or being crushed by them?

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I don’t need to say it, business life is hard, very hard and the bigger you get the more complicated it gets and the [...]