When cleaning causes carpets to ripple after they are cleaned

So, when you assess your cleaning job, especially in a residential non glue-down installation, you need to determine the quality of the installation of the floor covering/carpeting. In today’s ‘build’em quick environment’ many building contractors do not request that the carpets are properly installed. [...]

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Can you explain the word germ?

Please excuse me going mental about this. I looked up the definition of a germ. One definition was basically saying a germ, fungi, virus and some others. What? A germ is a virus? Many products claim to kill germs but the same product is [...]

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Cleaning exotic wool fibres

From our friends at the ACCI (Australian Carpet Cleaning Institute) Written by Leo Powell, CEO, ACCI This article is in response to a question asked by Gerard Young regarding the cleaning/spot cleaning of a Cashmere wool rug with a red wine stain. In simple terms I’ll [...]

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What shape are your bonnets in?

Synthetic bonnets will wear at a different rate and also clean differently, so as for this discussion, we will be taking a look at bonnets that contain or are made with natural fibers, in this case cotton. When you wash and dry your cloths at [...]

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What is a Hydrocarbon?

A hydrocarbon is an organic chemical compound composed exclusively of hydrogen and carbon atoms. Hydrocarbons occur naturally and form the basis of crude oil, natural gas, coal, and other important energy sources. Hydrocarbons are highly combustible, producing carbon dioxide, water, and heat when burnt. Therefore, [...]

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