Help Choosing Your Carpet Cleaning Products


Surround Ultra and Free: ARE GREEN

Very safe encap detergents for low moisture/bonnet cleaning or as a hot water extraction prespray with high cleaning performance and built-in other neutralizers. This safe formula gives you 2 choices of fragrance. Ultra with ProFresh will leave a lingering fragrance for up 12 hours or more. Use for almost anything, especially if using Revive iT Oxy Spotter and stain remover, for support. Still the best smelling. Ultra with ProFresh lingers so if you clean a commercial building at closing time, they may still have a very mild scent in the morning. So it looks and smells clean, while some residential customers may like a little less or slightly softer scent. Either way you get the best smelling encapsulation cleaning products in the market. Surround Free is totally odorless and our GREENEST product. Use anywhere but especially in populated areas like lobbies or for sensitive people/environments.


Formulated from the Surround Ultra formula, it has even more power and lower dilutions. OMEGA can be used not only for the heavier soil loads, but can also be used in dilutions of only 2 oz. per gallon for maintenance cleaning or residential, for excellent economy. It comes in a ProFresh and Enzyme version.

OMEGAZYME: Even stronger with the addition of an enzyme formula containing 7 different bacterial components. This product contains an unbelievable 46 different ingredients to help you achieve excellent cleaning results that won’t quickly re-soil due to Omegazyme’s T2H soil encapsulating polymers.


For times when you need the ability to clean and remove organic staining with an encap. Rocket contains a natural citrus for a little bump in cleaning performance.

Spotter & Booster

Revive iT Oxy Spotter: Can spot many normal soils but also works on organic stains and natural colors from juice or wine, vomit, urine. Like a stain magic that can be used on greasy soils too. Revive iT Oxy Spotter can be used to support any product or method and is an excellent general encapsulating spotter and an even better organic stain remover. While many products claim to be a spot and stain remover, this one actually is.

Bright All: A booster is not as strong as some hydrogen peroxides but can still remove odors and some organic staining. This product will increase cleaning strength against dry and oily soils that hydrogen peroxide cannot do. Bright All is an actual cleaner, hydrogen peroxide is only a stain remover. In other words, detergents are cleaners with no bleaching ability. Peroxide is a bleach with no cleaning ability. Bright All is a cleaner and a mild bleach that falls in between the other two.

Surround No Rinse Spotter: Is a strong encapsulating general purpose spotter that works on most general spots including many inks and ink blends and filtration type marks. A great giveaway for your customer or sell it for extra profit. It is almost bullet proof in its ease of use and carpet safety.


Guardian Carpet Protectant: Short-Chain Fluorochemical Technology (meets the goal of the US EPA 2010/2015 PFOA Stewardship Program and provides outstanding dry and oily soil repellency with dry soil resistance, meeting or exceeding current industry soil protection offerings. This is an excellent product that is both profitable for the cleaner and effective for their customers. New improved formula now provides excellent beading properties that provide improved protection for carpets and fabrics. At a user cost of about 2.6 cents per foot, the profit margin charging 10 cents per foot is about 360%, so the profits are great!