I don’t need to say it, business life is hard, very hard and the bigger you get the more complicated it gets and the greater the chance for fires/problems or multiple problems to arise. You can stand still and get comfortable and you will begin to stagnate, for if you do, as the good book says, a little slumber, a little rest, a little folding of the hands and poverty sneaks in like a thief. I remember reading one of Mr. Trump’s books and earlier in his career the same thing happened. His business was up and running making millions so he took it easy and enjoyed the fruits of his labor. But too much of that for too long and even he found himself in trouble.

The fact is if you’re not pushing your boundaries out, your boundaries are squeezing in on you! That could be your competitor’s aggressive advertising, technical or equipment advancements, or knowledge. You get the picture. So, you must constantly push your boundaries out with the same. Learning advancements in equipment or technique, and of course, polished customer relations, website improvements and SEO, and a list of other things that can and will set you apart and form a thicker foundation for your company’s survival and profits.

I have found if you stay in your comfort zone you will never grow. It’s the uncomfortable times of pushing yourself to learn a new cleaning method, a new way of marketing, new computer software, or whatever is outside of your current box. Think outside of your box, push out its boundaries and you will be amazed that soon the thing you were afraid of you are now an expert at. Make the effort and push past the fear because your future is worth it! What is the next boundary you will push this week?

By John H Klucznik
Founder of Bonnet Pro, nanoMAXX, Key Floor Care & Restoration and Encapsulation Cleaners World