The Best Carpet Encapsulation Detergents & Spotters

Our products can be used not only for Low Moisture but also for pre-sprays before Hot Water Extraction.

Read about how to choose the right encap detergents, spotters and protectors for your next carpet cleaning job.

Product Use Chart

best enzyme carpet encap

Surround OmegaZyme
All the Power of
OMEGA with Enzymes

Surround Omega Citrus neutral encap detergent

Surround Omega Citrus
Carpet Encap Detergent
& Prespray for Tough Stuff

Surround Free scent free encapsulation cleaner

Surround Free
Completely Odorless
Encap Detergent

No-Rinse Encap Spotter

Surround NO-Rinse
Encapsulating Carpet Spotter
& Upholstery Spotter

Surround Ultra encap detergents with Profresh

Surround Ultra
Encap Detergent
with ProFresh Deodorizers

Surround Waste Away best urine deodorizer

Surround Waste Away
Natural Enzyme
Urine Odor Remover

Surround Gum Grease Ink carpet spotters
Surround best red dye remover
paint oil and grease remover
Surround Rust Remover Spotter
Revive iT OxyALL Booster & Organic Stain Fighter

Revive iT OxyALL
Booster, Brightener & Organic Stain Fighter

Revive iT Oxy Spotter carpet stain remover

Revive iT Oxy
Multi-use Spotter

Revive iT Rocket
Citrus Oxy Encapsulation Detergent

Revive iT Radical Rinse powdered encap extraction rinse

Rocket’s Radical Rinse
Powdered Encap Extraction Rinse, Booster & LM Detergent

nanoMAXX plant-based green encap solution

Green Cleaner

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