Use Surround products & become the legend in your town

Surround spotters are designed to do one thing – make you look good.
We know from our decades of cleaning experience that when you can remove the tough stuff, you get to be the hero.

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Waste-Away – No-scrub, enzymatic cleaner & deodorizer for Urine, Cranberry Ice scent

Ready to use Waste Away Stain & Odor Remover enlists natural bio-enzymatic technology combined with natural plant-based cleaners to digest and eliminate organic material, stains, and odors caused by urine, vomit and feces. Waste Away can also be used for carpet and pads and other malodorous areas such as, upholstered furniture, drains, laundry, garbage disposal, sports equipment, RVs and automobile carpeting. pH 6-7 and health rating 1. Not freeze thaw stable.

Will be available in 16oz and Gallon bottles.

buy now 24-16 oz. Bottles/Case $161.00 $7 Ship

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Bye Bye Red Dye

A 1-part synthetic dye stain remover that is very effective on singular synthetic red dye stains and can even be effective on combinations like #3, #40 and red 40 lake dye that other products struggle with. When you need a powerful red stain remover with the convenience of a 1-part product, look no farther. pH 7-9.

buy now 24-16 oz. Bottles/Case $127.00  $7 Ship

buy now 16 0z. Single $11

Gum, Grease & Ink

Gum, Grease & Ink contains natural citrus solvent in a gelled formula that stays on the spot to work fast with the reduced possibility of carpet delimitation. Gum, Grease & Ink works fantastic on gum and other spots like tar, grease, cosmetics and most types of inks. Pleasant orange scent. pH 6-8 and health rating 1.

buy now 24-16 oz. Bottles/Case $143.00 $7 Ship

buy now 16 0z. Single $11


Our paint, oil and grease remover is an advanced dry solvent that can be rinsed with water or be removed by bonnet cleaning with Bonnet Pro’s encapsulation products and is less hazardous than other P.O.G. products. Our P.O.G. can remove tough oi-based spots like grease, oil, tar, dried oil based paints, lipsticks, nail polish and some adhesives.

buy now 24-16 oz. Bottles/Case $185.00  $7 Ship

buy now 16 0z. Single $12.50

Rust Remover

Rust Remover is a new generation of rust remover for carpets and fabrics. Designed to be environmentally sound and safer for the user when compared to other harsh acidic rust stain removers. pH 0-1 and health rating 2.

buy now 24-16 oz. Bottles/Case $145.00  $7 Ship

buy now 16 0z. Single $10

Spotter Kit Refill – 5 Pack – 1 Each

buy now 16 0z. 5 Bottle Refill $49.95

All-In-One Spotting Kit

Kit contains:

  • Specialty spotting kit – 1 pint each of Bye Bye Red Dye Remover, Gum, Grease & Ink, Rust Remover, P.O.G., and Waste Away Urine, Stain & Odor Remover
  • 2 spotting brushes – A horse hair brush, safe for most carpet or upholstery materials, and a stiffer nylon brush for synthetic carpets
  • 2 white microfiber spotting towels in a custom foam holding tray

Buy Now  Full Kit $179.00

Microfiber Spotting Cloth 10-Pack

16″x16″ – 300 gsm weight

buy now  10-Pack $24.95


Our product guarantee is simple. Use the the first full gallon or quart in your case and if you’re not happy, please return the unused remainder for a full product refund.
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