You are likely in many customers’ eyes to only be as good as your last meeting or service. Sure, you will have some very loyal customers that see your value, that you’re an asset to helping them stay clean and look great. And even if you drop the ball a time or two, they still love you. But with other customers, it is like a month to month lease, they won’t hesitate to replace you on a whim, regardless if the reason is reasonable or not. That’s one reason that here at Bonnet Pro we work so hard on our encapsulation detergents – to make you look great to your customers. Whether it’s an odorless encap like Surround Free or Omega Citrus with ProFresh, scent can be a strong reason a customer keeps you. If they love the way it smells after their encapsulation carpet cleaning, they are more likely to keep you.
Of course, your carpet cleaning or other service price must be a value. I didn’t say the cheapest, I said a value, in line for the excellent service and customer care you will provide. I also can’t stress how important it is to keep a very level demeaner with your clients and customers. We all have the customer or account that irritates us. You never know what the other person is going through that might be taken out on you. A spouse with cancer or the death of a loved one or whatever. As professional service providers we always have to act in a way that serves, even when they are not so nice. This elevates you as a person and helps ensure that you will keep your hard-earned customers for the long haul.

I can’t say this is always easy. I certainly have failed with this, but the fact remains that excellent customer service even in the midst of a customer meltdown is critical to your survival and growth. When kindness and level headedness is returned to an irate customer it opens the door for a lasting bond when they are over their crisis. I’m not saying that you take abuse or that you never fire a customer that is and will never be satisfied. Just remember when you have had a bad day and the person on the other side showed you grace, what it meant to you. This positive attitude will serve you well as you grow your business and reputation throughout the years to come.

John Klucznik
Founder of Bonnet Pro and Key Floor Care & Restoration

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