Bonnet Pro's T2H Polymer

Why is T2H the best of both worlds?

Because it dries clear and dry like a crystallizing polymer, is strong and durable and won’t self-shatter like a film forming polymer.

This exciting new T2H polymer allows for very clean and dry, dry downs that will hold the encapsulated soils longer than a straight crystallizing product. This means more dry soil protection and encapsulated soils that stay encapsulated until they are vacuumed off of the carpet fibers. Our T2H polymers will not self shatter and release soils and polymer back into the carpet just because the product dried.


Did you know that the coating on a carpet fiber of encap polymer is under 1 micron thick? To put this into perspective, a pin head is 2 millimeters. A drop of water on a microscope slide is approximately one millimeter. A micron is 1,000 times smaller than 1 millimeter. We’re talking about a coating on the surface of a filament of carpet fiber that measures about 50 microns (40xs smaller than a pinhead) or a third the diameter of a human hair. So to pour the chemical full strength into a glass or on a plate for the currently accepted dry down test is 1,000 to 10,000 times thicker than the use of a product in the real world!

Random Magnification Sizes

Non-Surround Formula – Crystallizing Polymer Type

Surround Ultra Formula

Surround Free Formula

  • unscented carpet cleaning solution

New Ultra T2H Polymer Formula

Keep in mind, this test showing the polymers removal did not take into account foot traffic and soil abrasion that would also help to remove any remaining polymers. The small white dots on the approximately 50 micron wide filament of carpet fiber are 3 to 5 microns in size or about 500 times smaller than the head of a pin.

Trilobial-Shaped Carpet Filament 650X

Polymer Thickness On Same Fiber 3000X

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