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Truman Steemers Carpet Cleaning
July 3, 2017

This stuff is phenomenal! First, you may think nothing about having a great citrus smell would mean anything to you, but your customers will!
Second, ReviveIt Rocket cut through grease, oil and coffee stains my customer had gotten on their carpet. A couple of passes with the Cimex and the stains were gone and they didn’t return. The overall carpet appearance was much cleaner and brighter. I didn’t think anything could go beyond what Atomic has done for me, but this product did and is now my go to of choice.

Michael Felitto

Revive iT Rocket using a CRB

Name: Ken Huston II, Pro Cleaners Cleaning Services

Subject: Love the product!

Hi John,
Just wanted to say I love the new Revive it rocket!  I clean apartment carpets so you know they are bad and Revive rocket laughed at the job. If you have an email address that I can send pics to I can send you some great before and after if you need them. Keep up the good work.


Truck Mount Forum
#1 george8585, Yesterday at 11:40 PM
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I used Bonnet Pro’s Revive iT ROCKET today on a third floor condo with no furniture in it that my TM couldn’t reach. It was the best job I ever did with VLM. The 3 bedrooms with old beige nylon cleaned up so easy. The Hallway and Living Room and Dining Room had cheap polyester carpet. It was much more of a challenge.

I used my Orbot with 2 weights on each side. I take the sprayer off when using it for residential. I presprayed the Bedrooms using 6 oz and used a microfiber/scrubstrips bonnet and it was done. Easy.

The polyester I used 8 oz and scrubbed with a Strong CRB with whittaker green stiff brushes first and then the Orbot using Bonnet Pro’s Pro Cotton Bonnets. Now that I have the red bristle driver I can use the Pro Cotton’s. The red bristle driver is more aggressive and I think cleans better than the velcro driver.

The carpet kept looking better and better as it dried. I did pre vacuum and post vacuum. All the rooms were dry and clean when I left.

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