Don’t feel the burn

Our SSHP peroxide is the answer

Why is SSHP Oxy Blend better then other peroxide?

These pictures show contact with using Bonnet Pro’s special SSHP Oxy Blend peroxide (Super Stable Hydrogen Peroxide) in our carpet encapsulation cleaning detergent and a competitor’s product. After almost 11 minutes after contact was made, our SSHP Oxy Blend barely exhibited any whitening of the skin and no burning was felt. The other finger turned very white and felt like skin cells were exploding or hot pins going into skin. Not attractive. Until now, this was your choice for a higher level of cleaning strength. But now you no longer have to get always burned to get great cleaning results. You no longer have to endure the pain of spills or the “Swelling and Gelling” that causes product to spoil in the heat, wasting your valuable time and money. The cleaner your skin is the less likely the SSHP will react to it.

Why get burned? Why drive to a job site only to discover that your oxy encap product has clotted solid and is now unusable when you need it the most.

SSHP Oxy Blend is different; it is truly better. Our more stable SSHP package and our unique manufacturing process prevents our hydrogen peroxide from rapidly degrading, causing “Swelling and Gelling” burns (in most cases) and a shorter shelf life. Now, finally you have a better choice. Now you can have confidence not only in your product’s performance but also in its safety and reliability. SSHP Oxy Blend is superior to even tech grades of peroxide.

11 minutes after concentrate contact. Finger on right, Revive iT. On left, competitor’s product. Ouch!

Fun Fact: Human skin and a potato contain catalase, an enzyme produced by many plants and animals, including aerobic bacteria that can cause the rapid decomposition of hydrogen peroxide, causing in part the bubbles of oxygen gas you see. So if you want to check if your solution is still active, spray it on a cut potato or its skin. The potato skin has worked better for me.

Fun Test: To test the quality of your drinking or mixing water, add 10% of 3% (store bought) H2O2 to 90% water and watch for air bubbles. You could also try with bottled or distilled water. If over the next 6 hours you see a lot of air bubbles, it may mean you have too much organic residue or heavy metals. Please keep this test water away from children and pets and discard after use.

Comparison made using products made on or about May 2013.