Revive Encap Pad Testimonials

Thanks John!  You guys are the best! 

I really like the fiber pads you recommended. Definitely better than planetary pads and red pads. I can’t wait to try the next step up. 

All the best,
Ryan G., Bristol Clean

Revive Plus Encapsulation Pads

Just a quick note to let you know about my experience with your new Revive Plus Encapsulation Pads. As you know I purchased my Mini Max Mule 220R from you in September 2016. Since then with your great line of Encapsulation chemicals and your new Revive Plus pads I have been able to take my cleaning of carpets to a whole new level that no other carpet cleaner in my area of service has reached. I use your 19 inch Revive Plus pads for my commercial carpet cleaning. I have found these pads reach out beyond my Mini Max pad driver collecting and trapping all the hair and fine dust particles from the carpet along the baseboards and the asphalt oils and soils brought in and deposited on the carpet are no match for your Revive Plus pads and Revive It Rocket Encapsulation Formula.

Dave’s Floor Care