Omegazyme Cleaning Wool & Linen Testimonials

From a customer in Australia

Since my emails about Omegazyme I have been getting amazing before and after pics every day (wool carpets particularly ) that have been completely restored. Both new and old protein stains are being completely eradicated which is in itself quite incredible considering how difficult it is to get any sort of result in the past. Now let’s be honest, in the past no matter whether you use encap or hot water extraction, protein stains have always been a giant headache to carpet cleaner… until now. Fortunately for us cleaning chemistry technology is always improving and a case in point is the seven strains of naturally occurring bacteria in Omegazyme which are doing amazing things. In fact the high success rate of Omegazyme would suggest that it’s the perfect weapon, a heavy hitting version of Omega.

Even does a great job on Linen….

Vlad Stefan from Delight Carpet Care – Adelaide



Great result

100% NZ wool carpet with not just cat vomit but also the owners attempt to clean it herself with bi carb soda, vinegar and water mixture.

Used Omegazyme. Left it to dwell for 5 minutes then put some Oxy on it and left it to dwell for a further 5 minutes before lightly hitting it with Cyclo and soft grey brushes.

Daniel Lopez – Stay Clean