CRI Endorses OmegaZyme

Where “Only the Best Pass the Test”

The Carpet and Rug Institute Seal of Approval

Date:   2-9-2017
Contact:  John Klucznik Founder


OmegaZyme Earns the Seal of Approval for Superior Cleaning from the Carpet and Rug Institute — Where “Only the Best Pass the Test”

Bonnet Pro has earned the Seal of Approval for OmegaZyme from the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI), signifying that it effectively removes soil without any damage to the carpet. The CRI Seal of Approval is awarded to carpet cleaning products that pass stringent tests administered by an independent, accredited laboratory.

“When consumers see the CRI Seal of Approval on OmegaZyme they can trust that it will do the job they expect,” said John Klucznik, Founder of Bonnet Pro. “We could not be more pleased that the carpet industry is distinguishing truly effective soil removal products.”

Independent testing has shown vast differences in the spot and soil removal capability of carpet cleaning products. Various cleaning solutions clean no better than water.  More seriously, they can leave a sticky residue that attracts soil at a faster rate.

“Carpet cleaning products that do not perform well create customer dissatisfaction and lead to the mistaken belief that carpet won’t stay clean,” said Joe Yarbrough, CRI president.  “The Seal of Approval program recognizes superior carpet cleaning products and sets a high bar for manufacturers so only the best pass our tests.”

OmegaZyme was rated on its effectiveness at removing soil, and thus at improving the appearance of a carpet. Water was used on a similar sample of soiled carpet as a control. The differential soil level between the cleaned sample and control was rated instrumentally as well as by a panel of technicians using industry-standard performance ratings. The product also was tested for rate of color change and resoiling.

“Effective soil removal is critical to extending a carpet’s life and appearance, especially in high traffic areas. And the Seal of Approval is proof that our product delivers. Our focus is on delivering value for our customers, and we are delighted to see our efforts recognized by CRI.” said John Klucznik

The CRI Seal of Approval program sets test methods and performance criteria for several categories of cleaning products: vacuums, cleaning solutions, extractors and cleaning systems (extractors and solutions used in combination).  These products may be used in residential, commercial or institutional settings.

Underscoring the value that carpet manufacturers place on quality cleaning products, some of the largest manufacturers recommend the use of CRI Seal of Approval-certified cleaning products as part of their carpet warranties.

About the Carpet and Rug Institute:

The CRI is the leading industry source for science-based information and insight on how carpet and rugs create a better environment—for living, working, learning and healing. The Institute’s mission is to serve the carpet industry and public by providing facts that help people make informed choices. Its best practices promote a balance between social, economic and environmental responsibility for the long term. CRI does this for its industry, yet it strives to be a model corporate citizen for all industries. Learn more at

Certified Space Technology

What is Space Foundation Certification?  

An important feature of the Seal of Approval program is the use of x-ray fluorescence (XRF) technology to measure the amount of soil removed from the carpet. Because the Space Foundation recognizes the XRF component of the Seal of Approval program as a Certified Space Technology©, companies with certified products are eligible to display the Space Foundation Seal along with the SOA logo. This is an excellent way to showcase how science applies to everyday life.

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