Omegazyme Testimonials



So as per my previous Enzyme emails lately, I am getting some very happy techs telling how great their latest results are at removing the previously impossible vomit, faeces, blood and similar dodgy stains using Omegazyme. However I haven’t had any before and after pics on blood stains… until today.

After yesterday’s email, Graham Halliday from Clean Air Carpet Cleaning in Sydney lucked out with a major blood stain drama to resolve in a nursing home that he looks after on a regular basis. Naturally it was a wool blend just to make things interesting.This was his first time using Omegazyme so this was a leap of faith deal for him. I think the pics say it all.

I asked Leo, the founder of the ACCI, why the photo showed No-Rinse & Oxy Spotter. Leo said his customer was going to use them but after calling him for advice, ended up using Omegazyme. – John K.