OMEGAzyme Synthetic Carpet Testimonials

Here in Miami, Florida the humidity is always high and low moisture bonnet cleaning has been keeping us in business since 1981. We have tried most every product that has come down the road. When we found you and “Omega” we thought we had found the best cleaner ever made. That is until we tried “Omegazyme”. This is the very best product we have ever used. Our customers cannot believe how clean the carpet is and how vacuuming makes it even cleaner. This is a winner in my book. Keep up the good work. You make my job easier.

Robert Navar

Hi John. I think I remember reading on your site that the OmegaZyme has a temp range of up to 130 degrees. I’m assuming that means the product will work optimally with hot tap water which is almost always under 130?

Super impressed with it. A white residential carpet that I’ve cleaned about 6 times previously turned out better than ever with the OmegaZyme! Couldn’t believe how nice the traffic areas lightened up! I’m currently using a CRB machine.

Thanks for a great product and God bless,
Wayne Schermerhorn