World Class Encapsulation Extraction Pre-Spray Detergents, Spotters, Protector & Booster

Can I use an encap for my pre-spray? Absolutely!
We recommend using a clear water rinse. This does several things for you:

  1. Using a clear water rinse does not add anything to the pre-spray, so the chemical is used the way Bonnet Pro intended.
  2. After you rinse, if any encap is still in the carpet, it will still encapsulate soils.
  3. You end up with a cleaner carpet that will re-soil at a much slower rate.
  4. You save money as you don’t need to purchase a separate rinse product that can damage fittings or cause rapid re-soiling.

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OMEGA with Enzymes

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Carpet Encap Detergent & Prespray for Tough Stuff

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Carpet Spotter
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Powdered Encap Extraction Rinse, Booster & LM Detergent

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