Cleaning stairs top to bottom with the Stair Cleaning Battery-Powered Tool – MotorScrubber


Battery-Powered MotorScrubber

This kit includes everything you need to get cleaning; Medium duty brush, green scrubbing pad, red spray cleaning pad, white buffing pad, microfiber pad, pad holder, harness complete with battery and charger and the medium length handle. 

Everything in the MotorScrubber kit is $625.00, including shipping. Plus, we’re giving you the carpet brush attachment and 2 – 8″ Ironman bonnets for FREE!  Valued at $53.60

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MotorScrubber cleans all those hard to reach areas where large cleaning machines can’t reach.

Designed for safe and reliable use, the MotorScrubber is the ultimate scrubber, capable of washing, polishing, and certainly cleaning. This stair cleaning battery-powered tool quickly and effortlessly cleans all of your stairs and carpet spots and even smaller tiled areas plus it can clean washrooms, showers, base boards, windows, swimming pools, upholstery and other hard to clean areas.  It’s lightweight which makes it ideal for cleaning just about everything, including large, upholstered areas like church pews.

The MotorScrubber is a real workhorse, running for four hours on tile and up to 2 hours on carpet off just one charge and only taking eight hours to be fully re-charged, the high-torque motor will refuse to be stalled. Weighing only 2kg (4.5kg with harness) it is extremely lightweight to use, yet extremely heavy-duty in its construction.

MotorScrubber has been designed to clean all those hard to reach areas where your large cleaning machines cannot reach, and thanks to its battery operation, you have no trailing cable to worry about. MotorScrubber is 100% waterproof and submersible in water with no shock risk due to its extra low safe voltage. The MotorScrubber is truly a productivity boosting machine, saving up to 50% of labor or more. This is a great way to reduce costs while increasing your cleaning quality.

MotorScrubber is actively used across a diverse range of industries including Hotels, Healthcare (Hospitals & Medical Centre’s), Commercial Kitchens, Restaurants, Bars, Education and also Commercial Vehicle cleaning – a testament to its versatility.

Stop using drills and extension cords for cleaning your customers steps. Stop bending over and start being comfortable while getting great results and looking very professional.