Revive iT Oxy Spotter Testimonial

August 24, 2017

Subject: Revive iT Oxy Spotter
Oxy-spotter made me a hero. A NewYork lady dropped off a 100% afghan wool rug to see if I could remove a large red wine spill. She had taken it to a local carpet cleaning company. She paid them $25.00 and was told they tried but could not remove the red wine.

She called us and asked if she drove to our shop if I could look at it. It was at the shop when I returned from work and tried Revive iT Oxy Spotter on a small area and called her and told her I will have the rug back to her, red wine removed, and rug cleaned. $378.45  –9×13 – $45.00 for red wine removal and $333.45 for cleaning. Thanks, Bonnet Pro for great products.

Peter Breen

May 6, 2017
I got the sample pack a few weeks back, and although I haven’t been able to get much use out of it because we’re not a specifically carpet cleaning company, I was able to try the Oxy Spotter on a 3 day old dry coffee stain. Very impressed with how quick and effective it was! Note this was prior to HWE, I was in a hurry so I did the spot treatment and my crew followed up with the rest after I left.

DisasterSolution‬, Member

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March 21, 2017 – 10:53 AM

New ordered and received my samples from John, nice size samples to be able to test on more than one job. 

2 days after getting the samples my wife calls me while I am at work, tells me the dog (German Shepherd) has thrown up on the new (bought 3 days prior) 7X11 ft. area rug she saved for. 2 huge piles. 
Besides pissed off and mad at the dog and the ruined rug she tells me that it is a dark brown/ orange looking couple of piles. I tell her that I just got some samples that I wanted to try out and to go look in my spotter bag and look for a bottle with revive IT oxy on it. I tell her to follow the directions after getting the chunks up and to send me pictures. She proceeded to cleanup the mess, then used Oxy and let it dwell 15 minutes, blotted with a towel then used the Bissel steam cleaner on the spots. She did not want to wait for me to get home and fire up the TM. When I got home I was expecting to see a couple of faded orange spots and anticipated some additional work by me to get it out.

To my pleasant surprise I came home to play the “guess where the spots were” game. She was able to get the spots out she claims with the spotter primarily and only used the steam cleaner to get what she states was some off colored white spots verses other areas. So after seeing this I ask to see the pictures and get that glazed look and muttering of I was mad at the dog and trying to find your stuff and then reading how to use it, etc… So needless to say I do not have the before or afters to show. But rather just how pleased at how the product worked that my wife has been telling everyone she works with about this magic chemical I got for free that cleaned the puke out of her new rug.

Orders inbound for more of the spotter and I think I will try the starter pack also. 

Thanks John for your samples, without them I would not have know or possibly even tried your chems out.

P.S. This is the 3rd rug the Shepherd has puked on so I am sure I will get another photo opportunity in the future. Hopefully not anytime soon, but when I do, I will get the before and afters.

John Guerra‬, Member

Oxy Spotter Magic

I received a bottle of Oxy Spotter almost a year ago, and I’ve been hooked ever since!  I’m on Auto-ship now, using at least a case a month, and sometimes more!  This spotter is so versatile, I use it on delicate wool area rugs to remove dinginess from cotton fringe and dullness from heavy traffic paths.  I also use it on traffic areas in all my wall to wall carpet cleaning, especially in front of couches and to remove the line created by chair mats.  I use it regularly to boost cleaning capability on all types of upholstery.  Oxy Spotter removes pet urine, plant stains, coffee spills, pet vomit and feces…I try it on every stubborn stain I encounter, it always boosts stain removal past the efforts of my pre-spray detergent and steam cleaning alone!  I even use Oxy Spotter on my Tile & Grout cleaning jobs…it does wonders to help remove stubborn soiling on grout, especially in kitchens where its almost always the dirtiest!
Try a bottle of this stuff…I won’t go out on a cleaning job without it!

Scott, Pac Pro Clean Services Inc.
Newbury Park, CA