Radical Rinse Testimonials

The Radical Rinse added to the Revive-it made a recent office building used by an architectural consulting firm a piece of cake… the company oversees construction projects for different municipalities… lots of soils tracked in, always challenging cleaning. This last time cleaning with this combo was simply the easiest and fastest job with the best results I’ve ever achieved there.

Paul Brown, Certified Carpet Cleaningas written in Encapsulation World

March 14, 2019

Due to freezing temperatures here in Maine, I didn’t want to risk ordering liquid detergents.  I ordered some Radical Rinse. I’ve used some other powders before and they all left powder residue in my pump up sprayer.  That was my concern about Radical but I can say there was no residue in my sprayers after using Radical Rinse.  It mixes well and doesn’t clog up the nozzle. 

I got to use it yesterday for the first time.  A repeat customer of mine has a new puppy and I’m assuming she let him roam freely around the house when she was gone.  5 rooms had multiple pee and diarrhea stains.  It was pretty bad.  I only took pictures of one room but all rooms were similar.  She tried cleaning the stains herself with store bought spot removers.  

I used hot tap water with 1.5 ounces of Radical per gallon.  I was going to try 1 once but I thought these carpets were trashed bad enough and I should just go with the recommended max.  I used a Orbot machine with Jon’s Ironman pads.  I only used the cleaner i mixed up, no spotters were used.  I vacuumed the first room and saturated the tough stains and sprayed the rest of the carpet normally.  Then I went on to vacuum another room and gave each room about 20 to 30 minutes of dwell time before cleaning.  I was very impressed with the results.  I’ve got some more jobs lined up and I can’t wait to see how this works on other soil issues.  Definitely worth having this product.  Thank you.

Joel Walker, Green Living Floor Care 

December 18, 2018

I’ve been testing a few Encaps, but I keep coming back to this. Love the dry powder. It freezes here a ton and I often have to take in and out liquids. So the powder is nice. Smells very faint on this which is nice. And man, sometimes I use as directed, sometimes I kick it up a notch but your product works really well.

Michael Stevens, AZHome&Carpet

I used Radical Rinse this week on several jobs. It performed very well on both CGD and Residential. Just this morning I used it on an older residential carpet with food stains, coffee stains and urine stains. It made quick work of breaking it all down with fiber pad so I could pull it out with John’s Ironman bonnets. My 83 year old client was extremely happy because her life-long friend was going to be coming in later today for a visit. I figured up my chemical cost for the jobs so far and it is about 70 percent less than most of my other options because of the low dilution rate. I did it at 1 oz per gallon but on lightly soiled, I am sure the .5 oz would be enough. Nice job on the new product John.

I just finished a urine treat and it worked well. I figured I used less than a quarter of what I usually use with the same results and even with the higher cost for the jar I still spent spent only about 25 percent of what I usually do on each of the jobs I have done with it. Here are a couple of before and after and this is while still wet. Once it dries it will continue to lighten as you know.

Seth Taylor, Spotless Next Carpet Cleaning

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