Radical Rinse Testimonials

December 18, 2018

I’ve been testing a few Encaps, but I keep coming back to this. Love the dry powder. It freezes here a ton and I often have to take in and out liquids. So the powder is nice. Smells very faint on this which is nice. And man, sometimes I use as directed, sometimes I kick it up a notch but your product works really well.

Michael Stevens, AZHome&Carpet

I used Radical Rinse this week on several jobs. It performed very well on both CGD and Residential. Just this morning I used it on an older residential carpet with food stains, coffee stains and urine stains. It made quick work of breaking it all down with fiber pad so I could pull it out with John’s Ironman bonnets. My 83 year old client was extremely happy because her life-long friend was going to be coming in later today for a visit. I figured up my chemical cost for the jobs so far and it is about 70 percent less than most of my other options because of the low dilution rate. I did it at 1 oz per gallon but on lightly soiled, I am sure the .5 oz would be enough. Nice job on the new product John.

I just finished a urine treat and it worked well. I figured I used less than a quarter of what I usually use with the same results and even with the higher cost for the jar I still spent spent only about 25 percent of what I usually do on each of the jobs I have done with it. Here are a couple of before and after and this is while still wet. Once it dries it will continue to lighten as you know.

Seth Taylor, Spotless Next Carpet Cleaning

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