Bonnet Pro’s ProCotton carpet bonnets remove more soil

Bonnets are Critical for Low Moisture Carpet Care



All of our pads, except for the Super Plush, use our unique tread-like tufting process called TRD (Total Reach Design). Unlike the small 0.2″ loops in terry cloth-like bonnets, our .456″ loops dig in and comb through much deeper and effectively and provide true two-sided cleaning. Our’s won’t bleed through in the first few minutes of use, providing longer run times with fewer pad changes. We also stagger our rows so the penetration can further enhances the overall cleaning performance. Now with the use of premium ring spun, long staple combed, virgin cotton and Supima® cotton, you get the best design with the best natural cotton and wool fibers available, for an excellent clean and a long service life of your bonnet.

Bonnet Pro does not add any fillers like polyester to our natural fiber so you get maximum absorption. And finally, we don’t import our bonnets to resell. We use our 30 years of cleaning experience to design and make our bonnets right here in the USA, providing US jobs and a sustainable product flow.


Procotton Blend Carpet Cleaning Bonnet


We have upgraded to a combed, ring spun, apparel quality virgin cotton for extra durability. It is a cotton and synthetic blended pad with an over bound edge and is oversized to provide high soil removal without all the drag of a full cotton pad for less operator fatigue with the addition of our Glide Strips. This pad will cover a wide variety of cleaning needs and soiling loads and serve under a variety of machines. The ProCotton Blend offers high soil removal with a smooth ride.

The multi-height weave also allows this bonnet to penetrate deeper into the carpet fibers, not just float on the surface. This not only cleans better but allows you to clean longer in between pad changes as compared to thin terry type bonnets. All at a very affordable price.

BUY NOW  17.5″ – $65.00 $107.00/Case of 6
(27 cases available)

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Carpet Bonnets and Fiber Pads – Single cases ship for $14.00. 2 or more cases ship for $11.00 each, in the contiguous US only. UPS Ground shipping only.
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All Surround encapsulant detergents and Revive iT Confidence are suggested as safe for use with these bonnets.

Launder the same day when pads are wet from carpet cleaning with BONNET WASH, laundry bonnet detergent from Bonnet Pro. Use 2-4 ounces of BONNET WASH per load.

Fill your front load machine to the highest water setting. Select temperature of water and wash on the heavy soil setting.

Machine dry when finished.

  • Trim pulls or loose fibers as needed
  • Running over doorway thresholds or against wall corners will shorten life and damage bonnet
  • Do not wash with other types of bonnets, especially those with scrubbing strips, as these may cause shedding in the washer.