MiniMax Cleaning and Versatility

Your MiniMax carpet encap machine cleans with SETT (Soil Extraction Transfer Technology) which uses specially designed absorption disks alone or combined with a bristle drive for an exceptional clean that requires little moisture – so it’s not only green, it’s less disruptive because it dries faster than most other methods.

Your machine also comes with the Multii Brush System at no additional cost. Combining 9400 bristles with our 220 r.p.m. super light weight custom motor achieves over 2,000,000 (9400 bristles x 220 r.p.m.)  carpet contacts per minute and this doesn’t even count the contacts the three different insert disks make! Talk about a better clean. You also receive a high quality regular pad drive with no crush bristles. This allows MiniMax users several different levels of carpet care. Straight SETT cleaning, a SETT and bristle cleaning in just one pass or a two step option for heavier soiling.

  • Level 1 – Straight bonnet cleaning. This is very fast and can be used for light to moderate soil removal with a variety of bonnets we make like ProCotton.
  • Level 2 – Using your Multii Brush System. With the ProCotton bonnet installed inside the Multii Brush this will accomplish Level 1 cleaning PLUS helps lift the pile and cleans even deeper for more heavily soiled carpets.
  • Level 3 – Now, using your Multii Brush for a two-step cleaning, first install the Revive Encapsulation Pad inside the Multii Brush for maximum scrubbing power. Follow up with either the ProCotton Bonnet inside the Multii Brush for added scrubbing and absorbing on the second pass/step OR you can switch to the included pad drive to use full-size bonnets for maximum absorption on the second pass/step. Save time by being able to Scrub, absorb and encap residential and commercial carpets in just one step and we didn’t even mention the ability of the Multii Brush System to lift and restore the carpets pile.

The MiniMax Terminator & Mule have so many high quality and unique features that we highly recommend that you watch our high definition video so you can see and hear all of the advantages you will receive when you purchase a MiniMax.