John H. Klucznik

Founder of Bonnet Pro and Key Floor Care & Restoration

John H. Klucznik

Founder of Bonnet Pro and Key Floor Care & Restoration

I started Key Floor Care & Restoration in 1985 at the age of nineteen and still retain a customer from that start date. In the 1990s, I went through the IICRC’s training programs and received my Master Cleaning Certificate and 4 others. In 1995, I started offering death scene clean-up, motivated from a family tragedy and have cleaned over 100 scenes.

In 1999, I started Bonnet Pro Carpet Maintenance Technology with my work on the first ride-on bonnet cleaning machine called the BCR. In 2001, I was awarded a US patent for my Hose Cradle invention and also in 2001, I was awarded a US Patent for the BCR. In 2004, I started work on the CarpetMax and in 2006, I started the Surround Brand. Several other brands followed such as Revive, Guardian, MiniMax, ProCotton, Revive iT and OMEGA brands.

In 2014, I released the industry’s first Wool carpet cleaning bonnet under the brand Woolpys. I was also dedicated to making the world’s best bonnets with the Plush Series containing wool and cotton – an industry first – as well as new cotton bonnets containing Supima cotton, the world’s strongest and best cotton.

Now in 2021, I’m still cleaning, which allows me to test all of my products and tweak them as needed. When you call Bonnet Pro, you won’t find salesmen. You will however get expert advice and guidance to help you select the correct solutions to help you with your particular needs. We offer true old fashioned values and service to the people who put their trust into the Bonnet Pro family.

We serve customers across the US, the UK and Australia.

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