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Since my emails about Omegazyme I have been getting amazing before and after pics every day ( wool carpets particularly ) that have been completely restored. Both new and old protein stains are being completely eradicated which is in itself quite incredible considering how difficult it is to get any sort of result in the past. Now let’s be honest, in the past no matter whether you use encap or hot water extraction, protein stains have always been a giant headache to carpet cleaners….. until now. Fortunately for us cleaning chemistry technology is always improving and a case in point is the seven strains of naturally occurring bacteria in Omegazyme which are doing amazing things. In fact the high success rate of Omegazyme would suggest that it’s the perfect weapon.

In that case it would be easy to think that since so many techs are getting a perfect result then that is going to happen every time for you too but don’t get too cocky because that’s not reality.

As good as Omegazyme is you have to appreciate that it’s not a one product does all and there will be occasions when you might not have the perfect result that you were expecting. Sooo… to maximize your chances of getting the best result possible you need to be sure that you are giving the little pac men enzymes the best chance to do their job of breaking down the waste, so here are a few tips to remember:-

1. Have Patience – Enzymes need time to work. Peak activity will take up to 30 minutes so be patient and above all have some faith in what they do best by not rushing in with Oxy or No Rinse Spotter or any other chemical or spotting solution.

2. Have Faith – Remember, the final result will not necessarily be obvious until the polymer and the enzymes are done, so that means 24 – 48 hours.
You need to have faith because anyone who has been back to a job 48 hours later are always amazed at the improvement in the clean.

3. Sensitivity – Bacteria that produce enzymes are sensitive to other chemicals particularly hydrogen peroxide so adding Oxy will stop the enzymes in their tracks.

4. Activity – Enzyme products are far more active in mid- range water temperature 25 degrees Celsius to 50 degrees Celsius so you won’t get maximum benefit from the enzyme activity in cold water.

5. Lifespan – If you have any Omegazyme left over from a job then you can still use it on the next one because even though enzyme activity ceases what you have left is still good ole Omega.

6. ENZYME SPOTTER – As a spotting solution for those extra nasty stains mix up Omegazyme at double strength in warm water in a 500ml trigger sprayer or a 1 litre pump up sprayer for larger jobs.[/column]

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Even does a great job on Linen – Vlad Stefan from Delight Carpet Care – Adelaide[/column]

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Omega Waste Away – Enzymatic Urine, Stain & Odor Remover

Speaking about Enzymes don’t forget that we now have a bio – enzymatic odour eliminator called Waste Away. Just as Omegazyme is a heavy hitting version of Omega, Waste Away is a heavy hitting version of Profresh. My experiences with it have been that it is incredibly effective. Just be aware that it is a ready to use product. You do not water it down. It’s available in 500ml and 4 litre bottles. It’s an encap odour eliminator and stain treatment so yes it does have the potential to remove the odour and the stain as well. No need to worry about heating water, it’s ready to use straight out of the bottle. Again rather than expect a perfect result straight up you may find that the odour is resolved but the stain hasn’t. The same rules about enzymes apply. Patience and time. Give the enzymes time to do their job so that the bacteria can eat and digest the offending waste material.

Natural plant-based cleaners to digest and eliminate organic material,
stains, and odours caused by urine, vomit, and even feces.[/column]

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