• Your products are insane, took my business to a next level. Thank you! Seen all over Cleaners Connect on Facebook. We see your products used in Chandler Thompson and Courtney Lee videos. Since experiencing the products for myself, I don’t see any competition. My customers also love the citrus smell from Rocket, and I’m about to try/ordered the Surround Spotter as a reviewer left, for filtration lines and up-sell that. Hope y’all stay busy and blessed.

    Elvis Bartha
    Dream Steemers, LLC
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  • I have been using encapsulation cleaning for about 5 years now. I’ve tried most encap cleaners on the market. There is no other product out there right now that compares to Surround Ultra. It has been by far superior to any other encap cleaner.

    John at Bonnet Pro is very easy to deal with. He is very caring and efficient at what he does. As a small business owner, I try to mirror my company like John runs his. Great Product, Great Service, Great Company.

    Marcos H. Goncalves
    President of Super Steamers
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  • Schaper’s has been using Surround products on our showroom carpet, with multiple encapsulation machines for three (3) years. We have found that Bonnet Pro’s Surround Ultra and Guardian Protector have kept our carpets looking better than ever. Guardian has kept us from cleaning our carpets for over two and half (2-1/2) months. Even when we used HWE the carpet would re soil rapidly, sometimes within days. With Bonnet Pro’s desire to produce the best encapsulation products, we highly endorse these products.

    Eric Schaper
    Schaper's Supply

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  • I like the customer service you provide when ordering the products. It is nice that I can just call and the order will go through. Any question I ask you seem to always help me out. My product of choice is Surround Green as my company is Eco Friendly. I saw the Mini Max on the site and am planning to purchase one in the future. Thanks for your help

    Sergio Garcia
    Sergio`s Go Green Cleaning Anaheim CA
  • Bonnet Pro’s Best Testimonial Ever – A MUST READ.
  • As you know from my post on US Cleaners Network, I am very happy with Ultra and plan to try the latest Ultra as well. I also have had excellent results with Bright All.

    Your customer service has been outstanding as well. Keep up the good work.

    Jeff Van Buren
    Carpet Restore & More