Revive Soiled Carpets with Revive iT Oxy Encap and Spotter


Our product guarantee is simple. Use the the first full gallon or quart in your case and if you’re not happy, please return the unused remainder for a full product refund.
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Tired of Burning Your Fingers?


Can your carpet spotter do this?

Our SSHP does a couple of things for you, rendering other hydrogen peroxide encap products obsolete. First, it won’t burn you like the off-the-shelf hair color bleaching products will. Plus, it will last much longer after being mixed or on the shelf. In other words, we don’t use the cheap stuff at Bonnet Pro. Our raw hydrogen peroxide costs 5 to 6 times what these inferior hydrogen peroxides cost. This makes it not only safer but more economical because our SSHP won’t swell and gel in the heat, causing wasted product and cash. Stop Swelling and Gelling with your current product and switch with Confidence. Did I mention that our carpet stain remover also smells great with our new ProFresh II scent? Remember, it doesn’t have to smell bad to clean great!

Our special SSHP is used in our multi-use CONFIDENCE product for low moisture cleaning systems and as a prespray prior to hot water extraction. Use this product for your normal and restorative carpet cleaning in a variety of applications, for not only dry and oily soils but for many organic stains and odors. Please note: This spotter is very concentrated, so please wash hands to remove soils or other chemical residue to prevent peroxide from reacting on skin. If you cannot wash, wearing a latex glove is recommended.