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The CarpetMax does for low moisture cleaning what the Truckmount did for hot water extraction, except better. No truckmount ever cleaned 10,000 square feet per hour.

Ask yourself what is important to your business? Is it money, success, working smarter or saving time? Does good equipment not help you accomplish all of the above? The CarpetMax is just that piece of equipment, a machine designed and built by a small business owner like yourself. One who wanted not only to do the job better, but also faster, knowing that this is what makes more money and saves time.

I genuinely want to help you succeed, because after all, this helps me succeed. If I understand one thing in business, it's this: If you are willing to work hard, be honest and really care about the other guy, you will be a success. This is how I built the Carpet Max. I look forward to sharing this with you.

Most sincerely,

John H. Klucznik,
Founder of BonnetPro/Key Floor Care
"That the King did come and die, even for one like me"


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"That the King did come and die, even for one like me" - John Klucznik, President of BonnetPro