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Carpet Cleaning Equipment

Finally become Cord-Free...and take your carpet cleaning production to the next level!


• Average around 10,000 feet per hour, heavy scrub 6,000

• Great for carpet maintenance and correcting wicking from extraction

• Only cordless, self propelled encapsulation and bonnet cleaning system available today

• Does the work of 5.3 Men

• Variable speed controls to fit your soil conditions

• Cleans up to 409 sq. feet per minute

• Fits through a standard doorway

• Two heads means fewer pad changes

• Very easy to operate and service

• 15 gallon solution tank requires fewer fills

• 1 year/3 year limited warranty

Tired of your truckmount for Commercial Carpets? Consider these facts:


• You'll spend $40 - $60K for a truck and equipment
• You'll earn about $125 an hour
You'll spend extra for gas and maintenance
• You will work hard for the money

Now consider the CarpetMax:

• You'll spend considerably less ...
• You'll earn a lot more - $200 to $960 per hour
You'll keep much more of your money
You won't lug hose...sounds good, doesn't it?

Fastest Carpet Cleaning Equipment

Equipment Cost:


Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning Equipment

Philadelphia`s Premier Design Center the Gallery Show Place said this about their new Carpet Max:

"We used to pay a contractor $ 950.00 per month to clean our carpets and we always got complaints from our customers. Now in about 6 hours we can clean the entire building and save over $ 800.00 dollars per month. Today, the carpets look great, the way they should for our upscale renters and their customers.

Jose, the Carpet Max operator said:
"The Carpet Max is the best machine on the market!"

The all-new Carpet Max heads feature an industry first. Via new push lock connectors you can choose either the front sprayer or the new through the apron shower type feed. Bother are controlled by a high quality fully adjustable and lockable Parker needle valve. And both use a single main and two secondary check valves for a drip-less application. So whether you bonnet, encap, brush or want to combine, no other machine gives you so many solution application options.

                CarpetMax Carpet Cleaning Equipment

Also note the Stainless Steel front sprayer bracket, SS lift lock and lift lock bar and SS hardware. The 3/8 - 16 x 1" bolts that connect the motor and lift handle to the apron are high quality stainless steel bolts costing $ 1.00 each and we use 14 of them on the heads plus well over 125 other stainless steel fasteners through out the rest of the Max.
Also note the tool-less quick change spray tips. The Carpet Max isn't made to the standards of common machines. It is made to Bonnet Pros Standards.

Everyone knows how tough powder coat is. Our new safety yellow apron is not only powder coated but Bonnet Pro also adds a baked-on clear coat for extra protection. Just one more reason to own a Carpet Max. It's not only the best in performance, but also the best in design and build quality.

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